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About Us


Redwood Transportation began as Norcal Taxi with operations in Ukiah, California on May 2, 2005 with one driver working as an independent contractor. That one driver became an owner operator on January 1, 2007 with two vehicles. Norcal Taxi continued to grow into a smaller fleet of taxis with a good driver pool to provide prompt and safe services.

On June 4, 2018, Redwood Taxi LLC was registered with the State of California. For the following 18 months, Redwood Taxi continued operating in Ukiah and even expanding various areas growing to 15 drivers and multiple vehicles. With a concentration on contract services, we changed our name to Redwood Transportation LLC in January 2023.


Today, Redwood Transportation serves various counties in Northern California and continues to focus on providing services for county agencies, service facilities, and other contract based clients while working as an on-demand transportation service solution in our respective service areas. Our greatest focus is to provide high-end transportation services for a variety of clients using well-trained drivers, energy efficient vehicles and maintaining a pleasant environment.


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